Wednesday, January 11, 2012

3 miles... make it 4. No, 5. And a parking tower.

There's a group of runners here that meet just about every Wednesday (and Sundays.... and some Saturdays.  Occasionally a Tuesday, as well).  Normally, I would join them, but other things came up, so I ran by myself on Tuesday, instead.
To be honest, it's not quite as fun running alone, but the weather had taken a slight dip into the "more favorable" temps, which was nice.  I was originally shooting for a quick 3 around the neighborhood.  Maybe 4 if I was feeling good.  I took off in a direction that led me away from my neighborhood, but with no real "route" in mind.  Hung out in the sub-8-min pace; felt really good.  Sometime during mile 2, I decided to head for a parking tower.  Got there right as I finished mile 2, so I took it as a good sign and drove straight in... and up.
I've noticed that my GPS doesn't do so well inside parking towers, so I tried to stay near the edges where it's more open.  Of course, this meant that I couldn't cut the corners.  :)
Apparently, this tower is 6 stories tall, because it went on forever.  Phew!  Tried to keep it near 8-min, but it was pretty steep.  Not sure about the accuracy, but I made it all the way up, and back down just as my watch crossed the next mile.  So, it's at least a mile then, right? (assuming the GPS cuts corners - which it does).
Well, if there's one thing about running a parking tower, it's that it feels So Good when you're done running it!  My next 2 miles were back under 8, and felt great.
Not bad for what was originally supposed to be an easy 3.  Guess someone had their Wheaties.

Let's just hope that can hold me until Saturday.

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