Friday, January 13, 2012

At least there was king cake.

I don't know about you (obviously), but I spent most of my morning learning about multi-beam sensors, echo sounders, velocity profiles (and how they relate to water salinity & temperature), pitch/roll/heading/heave compensation, the application of tidal predictions, point-cloud binning & tinning, total propagation of error, and how many cases of beer it might take to actually affect the draught of a vessel in the water (hypothetically, of course).
All that before lunch.
Apparently, I am now an expert.  ;)

Sure, my work gets dull and monotonous at times.  But I have to remind myself how amazing it is that a "simple" work meeting like this to discuss some field equipment can combine both astronomy/physics (lunar cycles and gravitational pull), and quantum physics (GPS timing, and wave refractions).

It was certainly more interesting than the "safety meeting" we had right after.

OK.  Lunch is over.  Back to work.

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